Refurbishment- latest update (March 10th 2020)


For the past 3 years, members of the Hall Committee have been submitting grant applications to charities and government bodies to secure funding for the refurbishment of the Hall. The total we have raised is £300,000, a great achievement that, as you can imagine, has consumed untold man hours given the current economic environment.  The money came from The National Lottery, Wychavon District Council, The Garfield Weston Foundation, The Rank Foundation and Kemerton Parish Council, and we are hugely grateful to all of them. This total also includes an incredible donation from Kemerton pre-school of £25,000, plus £15,000 raised by previous Hall Committees and the good people of Kemerton (and surrounding area).


The builders’ tenders (quotes) for the work were received a month ago, and one firm in particular was both highly recommended and keenly-priced. Nevertheless, their build cost was far in excess of the funds we have managed to raise. Our first reaction was to cut out of the specification everything not immediately crucial. Some of those losses were very disappointing, but if we raise more money we plan to add items back in. The cuts resulted in a revised total building cost of £325,000.

We are therefore short by £25,000 and unfortunately the whole refurbishment is now in jeopardy.  If we cannot find that money quickly, we will be forced to give back the grants we have been awarded from the National Lottery (£100,000) and Wychavon (£125,000). The deadline is the end of March 2020. It would be such a shame if this chance were to slip away now.

We humbly and respectfully ask you, the people who care most about the hall and know it best, who want to see it thrive in the years to come, to please help make this happen by donating what you can to the project. We would be incredibly grateful for donations of £50, £100, £250, £500, or £1000 (or even more!). We will commemorate your assistance on a plaque in the Hall.

Most importantly, we believe passionately that the refurbished Hall would have a significant and positive impact on the lives of all of us who live here.

Thank you so much.                                                         WAYS TO DONATE

With our very best wishes,

The Kemerton Village Hall Committee


           Kemerton Village Hall is a wonderful community asset. Since it was built in 1903, generations of local people have enjoyed using it and have taken great care of it. The current Committee wish to thank all those volunteers, past and present, who have worked so hard on the Hall’s behalf.

Over time, all buildings, especially historic ones, need thorough refurbishment. For the Victoria Hall, this moment has definitely come. The Hall needs careful and sympathetic modernisation to preserve its character and thanks to £300,000 of grant funding already collected, the committee are close to achieving this.


We hope the refurbishment and extension of the Hall will go ahead shortly and  expect the build to start at the beginning of April (in 4 weeks’ time) and finish at the end of September. The Hall will be closed to all users during this period and regulars have been notified of the closure period.

The refurbishment, in broad terms, will consist of:

· The demolition of the existing kitchen and storeroom extension which is uninsulated, unhelpfully narrow and leaks.

· The building of a larger rear extension, which will provide a generous kitchen for the community.

· A new flexible activity room with its own outside entrance.

· The pre-school will have their own dedicated room, entrance and WC.

· The complete refurbishment of the main WC facilities including heating and insulation, plus a proper disabled WC.

· An attractive new main entrance on the front of the building.

· Re-wiring and re-plumbing of the building, and the installation of a central heating system.

· Insulation to the interior of the main Hall’s ceiling.

· A store room for the stacked chairs.

· The creation of a new fire exit on the South end of the building.

· Improved, dimmable lighting in the main Hall.

· Low-level exterior lighting to improve safety for those using the Hall at night, without impacting our neighbours.


· The Hall currently houses Kemerton Early Years pre-school. This not-for-profit enterprise is the Hall’s main customer and provides a valuable service to local families. The pre-school will move to its own dedicated space at the rear and will no longer use or store any items in the main Hall or on the stage. They will undertake a five year tenancy, with appropriate break clauses on both sides.  This will mean that for the first time in many years the main hall, stage and kitchen will be available for the community to use  whenever they wish, all day, every day.

· The bright and spacious new kitchen with a farmhouse table will be perfect for catering and smaller gatherings. We plan to install catering cooking and dishwashing equipment.

· The WC accommodation will have all new toilets and basins, new lighting, insulation and underfloor heating.

· The new activity room will have its own entrance and WC, making it a very flexible space.

· We are delighted to announce that Kemerton has been confirmed as the location for a weekly Royal Mail Outreach Post Office. Plus Wychavon NHS wish to bring services like baby clinic and flu-jabs back to the villages. We want the new activity room to serve both those important roles.

· The new front entrance will be a much more welcoming way to enter the building. Warm, bright and fully-accessible, with the portrait of Queen   Victoria there to greet you, this space will include a generously- proportioned village noticeboard and a plaque commemorating donors.

You can view the plans further down this page. You can also view the Business Plan.

The Kemerton Early Years Pre-School will be relocating to Beckford Social Club while their space is under construction. 

Exciting times are ahead for Kemerton and its surrounding villages as the proposed expansion and upgrading of the Village Hall will provide excellent space for all members of the local communities.

The Hall is currently used regularly by the following groups:

  • Kemerton Early Years and Forest School
  • Kemerton Women’s Institute
  • Kemerton Gardening Club
  • Cotswold Cutlass Fencing Club
  • Kemerton Parish Council
  • Kemerton Village Hall Entertainments Committee
  • Kemerton Evening Lectures
  • Kemerton Conservation Trust
  • Kemerton Orchard Workers

The new enlarged space at the Hall will open up opportunities for even more groups to use the Hall and more activities to take place at all times of the day and evening.

We would love to hear your thoughts as to what activities you would like to see take place at the Hall or if you would like to host an event yourself; perhaps you have certain knowledge you would be willing to share with your fellow local residents, such as computer or I.T. skills, language, craft or just sharing tales of travels. Please scribble down your ideas on the form provided and drop it into the hall or email it back to us (

Ideas provided by the community so far include:

  • Pensioners Lunch Club/Pie & Mash
  • Yoga
  • Theatre/Drama classes
  • Over 60’s Computer Skills/I.T. Club – internet café style
  • Cookery Classes
  • Crafting
  • Chess Club
  • “Flicks in the Sticks” film nights
  • Children’s sports classes such as karate

Artists Impressions and Outline Plans

Below are some artist's impressions of how various parts of the refurbished hall could look, and some outline plans showing you the details of the building.

Many thanks for all your support toward this wonderful community asset and we hope to see you at the Hall soon!

KVH Committee